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Rapids Process Equipment is a business dedicated to rebuilding rotating industrial equipment. Since its origin in 2000, the company has expanded from providing service primarily to the pulp and paper industry of northern Minnesota to a regional company serving a wide range of industries in the entire upper Midwest.

As a company, Rapids Process Equipment offers customers reliability, precision and experience in the rebuilding work we do. This is backed by our solid two-year warranty, which is among the best in the industry. In cases where a unit cannot be economically rebuilt, we offer quotes on both new and exchange units.

 Experience has also taught us that preventive maintenance pays off. With our advantage of seeing thousands of different units over the years we’ve become a distributor for products designed to extend the service life of industrial equipment.

We are also a distributor for mechanical seals, drive shafts, pneumatic brakes and clutches, pumps, and a host of other industry related products. If your company is considering a new purchase we invite you to contact us for a quote.

We offer our customers low cost pickup and delivery service. We have found this to be an economic benefit to our customers and it assures RPE of no mishandling of your company’s equipment. 

RPE has recently expanded its technical services to include, but not limited to the following services: 

  • Engineering/equipment applications

  • Equipment surveys

  • Installation and/or installation supervision

  • Inventory control, parts interchangeability, duplication and/or consolidation

  • Maintenance seminars

  • Maintenance services

  • On-site repairs and/or supervision of repairs

  • Start-up supervision and/or assistance

  • Training

  • Troubleshooting of equipment and systems


24 Hour Emergency Service is available


26489 Industrial Blvd.

Cohasset, MN  55721
Phone:  (218) 999-5100
Toll Free:  1-888-278-0047
Fax:  (218) 999-5102
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